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About Scottish Para-Football

In 2017, the Scottish FA re-branded its work within disability football to the new brand of Para-Football. 'Scottish Para-Football' was born, and with it the recognition of, and opportunity for, alternative interpretations of the beautiful game to cater for individuals of varying circumstances or conditions that require alternative rules or formats of football. 

Scottish Para-Football aims to provide a voice for people living with varying conditions - to champion their rights in respect of access and opportunity both in football and society generally. Scottish Para-Football and the Scottish FA are committed to ensuring the game in Scotland can truly be 'Football for all', as was at the heart of its strategy PlayAbility… Our Game is the Same, launched in 2017.  

As Scottish Para-Football evolves, the ethos of this strategy remains true. The game continues to grow in Scotland, setting an enviable benchmark to our European neighbours, as we remain committed to our principles of inclusion, equality and accessibility to both players and participants of all abilities.


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Scottish Para-Football

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