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Autism Football

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The Autism Football Association is part of Team United - a pioneering Scottish charity that relies on funds to enable it to deliver a range of activities and services to young people aged 10 to 16 years.  The Autism Football Association runs and manages Autism Football sessions across the country in partnerships with grassroots clubs to premiership teams. The staff and coaches understand the individual needs of participants and provide a healthy, nurturing and safe environment to maximise their potential.

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The aim of Autism Football Association is to break down the social barriers that young people with Autism and other nuerodiverse conditions face that can prevent them from taking part in team sports. They offer weekly physical activity sessions plus social events, developing young people as players as well as people. 

  They host sessions across the country and are always delighted to hear from those wishing to get involved or find out more - simply get in touch.

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