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Wellbeing & Protection

Wellbeing & Protection

The responsibility to safeguard and promote the wellbeing and protection of a child, young person or vulnerable adult does not rest on one person. We are all responsible.


Safeguarding players and participants is of paramount importance to Scottish Para-Football and we are dedicated to providing safe and secure footballing opportunities for young people and protected adults in Scotland, with wellbeing and protection central to all that we do. 

To help us ensure that Scottish Football is a safe and inclusive environment where all participants can flourish, in August 2019 the Scottish FA launched a 5-year Wellbeing & Protection strategy for Scottish Football, namely “Getting It Right for Every Child in Scottish Football”

The strategy is for the whole of Scottish Football and has been developed to reflect the commitment to reducing risk and establishing greater safety systems within our game to protect children and nurture their wellbeing. This commitment is reflected in the 4 wellbeing and protection values, 'Accountable, Inclusive, Approachable and Empowering' that underpin the work undertaken through the 5 strategic pillars of the strategy, which are:

  1. Embedding a consistent child wellbeing and protection system throughout the game;

  2. Promoting children's rights in all we do;

  3. Supporting and developing learning and knowledge of child protection and wellbeing;

  4. Improving standards at all levels; 

  5. Strengthening leadership, governance and accountability. 

Scottish ParaFootball and its Game Leader organisations adopt the Scottish FA’s Child Wellbeing and Protection in Scottish Football strategy, which embeds the procedures, guidance and safeguards required to give confidence, support and the effective response necessary to fulfill everyone's role and responsibility to keep children, young people and vulnerable adults safe in football. 

The Child Wellbeing and Protection contact for Scottish Para-Football is Ann Brown, who can be contacted at

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